WT 8.3 New Cascade UI

Forget the documentation….find this FAQ and follow it very carefully.

FAQ 1-AFYI09 – Steps to implement the Web Tailor 8.3 New Cascade Theme User interface

The FAQ above has a step to verify the JDBC connection, the instructions aren’t clear. Look at the FAQ mentioned in this FAQ (FAQ CMS-13159) for the complete details. What the original cascadeui faq leaves out is that you have to download the ConnectTest.class file from SunGard’s website!

1. Download the ConnectTest.class file, transfer in binary format to the web server.

2. Create a script with something similar to the following, substitute your correct values: java -classpath .:$ORACLE_HOMEofwebserver/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14.jar ConnectTest cascadeu cascadeupassword jdbc:oracle:thin:@databasenodename:port:ORACLE_SID

Also apply patch b_0110_twb8030002 which fixes several of the defects at the bottom of the install FAQ.

You will also probably encounter the following issue, I am experiencing this on OAS  …This is specific to SunGard application code. I created a thread dump to verify the issue and opened a contact with SunGard. I will keep this post updated.

OPMN Is Unable Stop an OC4J Instance – Forceful Shutdown is Required [ID 337662.1]

Increase the amount of memory for larger deployments (mostly affects banner-ssb-ws.ear)

Oracle Errors found in $ORACLE_HOMEofwebserver/opmn/logs/sghe_group~cascade_ORACLE_SID~sghe_group~1.log when deploying banner-ssb-ws.ear file.

Found fix in My Oracle Support document: OC4J Container Reports Error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space [ID 368342.1]

Ask Sungard for a copy if you license your oracle support from them directly. Follow the instructions in the documentation, the defaults listed in the document worked for me. This is a screenshot of the settings, I rubbed out the name of our ORACLE_SID in one of the lines.


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