Improving IOUG Collaborate

Things I would like to see at IOUG COLLABORATE:

1.  Oracle University Involvement in OCP cram sessions, on-site exam testing.

2. More Core DBA material

3. All-day DBA Bootcamps of different experience levels – a single room with rotating speakers instead of the other way around.  I didn’t understand the bootcamp concept this year until I saw the sessions listed in the conference catalog…then I understood it to be a selection of presentations on a single topic that a person could attend because they didn’t create a scheduling conflict.   Good idea!

Add comments on what you want to see/change/interact in future Collaborate conferences…I will pass these on to the appropriate IOUG BOARD members.


One Response to Improving IOUG Collaborate

  1. OCP Advisor says:

    OCP Exam Cram Sessions and Onsite testing – awesome idea!
    Oracle OpenWorld hosted this for one year and the exam cram sessions were ‘sold out’ well in advance!

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