OMS 11g – WebLogic, Integration with MOS

OMS 11g requires a typical WebLogic Install of 10.3.2 to be already available as well as an existing database. This test install was on a database.

There are some patch requirements mentioned in the installation documents but the DOC ID’s and patching mechanism (URL) weren’t available as of this writing.

I had no problem following the instructions with the outcome of a successful running OMS 11g as the result.

The biggest thing is the new tab on the OMS 11g,  a direct integration with My Oracle Support. None of my configurations as uploaded by Oracle Configuration Manager showed up in the tab. Not sure if the functionality is turned on yet.

I installed OMS 11g putting in my MOS username and password during the install to test the integration features.

If you are used to installing GC using an existing database method then you will have no problem installing this newer version. Now it is time to learn about WebLogic….-


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