DBA Tips and Tricks

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1. TNS_ADMIN tricks

Using TNS_ADMIN is a must for servers that have multiple ORACLE_HOMES.

There are a few issues to making sure all database functions find the correct TNS_ADMIN location.

Database Links – Creat any links with a complete SQL*NET description.

 create public database link LINKNAME connect to USERNAME identified by “password” using ‘(description=(address=(protocol =TCP)

local_listener Startup Initialization Parameter – Same as above use the complete SQL*NET description.

local_listener                       string      (address=(protocol=tcp)(host=hostname)(port=portnumber))


2 Responses to DBA Tips and Tricks

  1. Tammy Lambdin says:

    Thank you for this website. I have been thrown into a Banner DBA role and appreciate all the good info.

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