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Archive Logs in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs

This has been happening over the years but I couldn’t figure out why….finally found this article on My Oracle Support (MOS):  Setup Local archiving on standby to Prevent Logs sent to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs (on both GRID and SQLPLUS) (Doc ID 1271095.1) … Continue reading

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Creating Standby with Active Database Duplication in 11gR2 or also known as Wading through the MOS

Several errors prevented the creation of a physical standby database ( in a DataGuard configuration using the High Availability Console in Grid Control…finally resorted to manual methods to finish the task.  A combination of DATAGUARD command-line, SQLPLUS and RMAN.  … Continue reading

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New SQLPLUS error Logging Facility

New error logging facility in 11g…spool errors from a table that traps them. Table is automatically created after using the SET command in SQLPLUS. Data stored in the sperrorlog persists between sessions and whether it is interactive or non-interactive such … Continue reading

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Guide to Installing OMS 11.1

Great cookbook on My Oracle Support (MOS) for installing OMS 11.x version – Step by step Installation of 11.1 Grid control [ID 1059516.1] 1. Database must already exist with several minimum database initialization parameters. In this example I installed plus … Continue reading

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Why DBAs don’t work on Fridays

Ever wonder why your Oracle DBA doesn’t do much on Friday?  Well they are trying their darnest not to break anything. I have had several examples of Oracle Software BREAKING!…Crunch there it goes. I am talking repeatable, consistent but intermittent … Continue reading

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Error when setting up Network ACLS for Banner on 11g

There is some additional code to setup ACLS in 11g, this example was done in From SUNGARDHE FAQ 1-4W1JEA – Banner and Oracle Database 11g FAQ Instructions followed on how to setup a network ACL…but you may encounter an … Continue reading

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Are you an Oracle DBA Dinosaur?

Recent discussions with colleagues about the new 11g Diagnosability Features, someone came up with the term “DBA Dinosaurs”. How would you know if you are one? 1.  Are you still on version 7.3.4 of Oracle?   2.  Do you stay in your … Continue reading

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