Archive Logs in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs

This has been happening over the years but I couldn’t figure out why….finally found this article on My Oracle Support (MOS):  Setup Local archiving on standby to Prevent Logs sent to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs (on both GRID and SQLPLUS) (Doc ID 1271095.1)

I previously thought this was due to a misconfigured rman backup configuration/implementation.

Just a note here on using this document…

If you only set two archiving destinations on a standby your database may not start in the following situation.  The following sentence is a quote from the article.

“Check for at least one log_archive_dest_<n>, should point to a available location and the VALID_FOR parameter should be either VALID_FOR=(ALL_LOGFILES,ALL_ROLES) or (STANDBY_LOGFILES,STANDBY_ROLE).”

When I set two archiving locations, the database dumped core on restart , not mounting while complaining it had no destination to archive to:



Changing the following log_archive_dest_1 for all roles fixed the issue.


I don’t know if this is working as it was designed…or a bug.  Something unique about my environment is that the FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA is different on the primary and the standby.



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