Guide to Installing OMS 11.1

Great cookbook on My Oracle Support (MOS) for installing OMS 11.x version – Step by step Installation of 11.1 Grid control [ID 1059516.1]

1. Database must already exist with several minimum database initialization parameters.

In this example I installed plus PSU bringing the version to

2. Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.2 (Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 Patch Set 1) has to be already installed on the SAME host

where you plan to install Enterprise Manager Grid Control.

Used the following MOS document: How to Install Web Logic Server 10.3.2 for Installing 11g Grid Control [ID 1063762.1].

Below are the screen shots from the WebLogic install. I didn’t include the progress screen and the screen that asks for your MOS username and password. Notice the typical install is over 1GB in size.

This install would hang at 68% completion on a RH 5 with VM Ware at the configuring OCM….step. Running the install a second time ran to a successful completion with the QuickStart screen. I wasn’t able to troubleshoot what the problem was. The same install on RH 4 had no problem running to completion the first time.

3. Installing OMS 11.x

Using the official documentation, be sure and follow the prerequsities. There are required patches for both the Oracle Database Repository Home as well as the WebLogic install.

Oracle® Enterprise Manager

Grid Control Basic Installation Guide

11g Release 1 (


How to apply recommended WLS patches on WLS home for 11g Grid Control Install/Upgrade [ID 1072763.1]

For Unix to apply WLS patches set your environment to the WebLogic Home, find in the WebLogic Home/utils/bsu the script.

It may require you to apply an update to the utility first (bsu) and then ask for your MOS username/password to download patches.

The Smart Update Utility ( can be run interactively or via the command-line. I would use the interactive version because the instructions on MOS in Document ID 1072763.1 didn’t work for me. (it complained of no known patch WDJ7, even though that patch appeared in the interactive session of the patch utility). See the following screen shot of the BSU interactive version.


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