Fall 2010 Presentations and Conferences

Attending Oracle OpenWorld 2010 – stay tuned for more information about a book signing event.

Three Presentations at SETA 2010 – San Antonio 2010 and Portsmouth, VA 2010 – I will be giving a signed book away at both conferences.

Session Title: Tracking the Bits and Bytes

Description: Examining how to track Oracle database transactions by Xid, SCN, and Timestamps. Case study of how transactions travel through the physical parts of the database, from when the end user types in a change, to a row in a table identified by a rowid on a particular data block on a physical data file.

Several utilities will be covered along with appropriate scenarios and suggested uses:

Oracle’s RDBMS SQL command dump block

Oracle’s RDBMS Log Miner utility

Flashback Transaction Query and Backout

Unix strings command

Session Title: Grid Control Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Description: Migrations to a different operating system and even standard GC upgrades have been nightmarish, causing a few of us very experienced DBAs to throw up our hands and trash an existing install and start completely over losing the valuable historical data. By the end of this presentation you will see that the newest version of GC and the Management Agents are finally able to be made highly available. A cookbook for a recommended install of GC plus the new cloning method of Agent installs will also be covered. The newest 11g GC will also be previewed as time allows.

Session Title: Migrating to 11g – Step Ordered Approach

Description: How do you upgrade to the next release of Oracle without incurring extended periods of downtime and at the same time minimize all of the possible disruptions? From using multiple Oracle Homes to using DATA GUARD standbys.

The binary upgrade and the database upgrade are two different events most often executed at different times. In a general sense Oracle is backwards compatible for making that transition from an earlier version to a newer one.


About April C Sims

Oracle DBA for over a decade...enough said.
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