Oracle Management Server 11g Rant

Why is OMS 11g hard to install or deinstall?  Oracle Management Server was convoluted in 10g now this is even worse.

There are prerequisites for deinstalling and steps after you deinstall to run. Huh?

Stay tuned for more details……………..or rants.


About April C Sims

Oracle DBA for over a decade...enough said.
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One Response to Oracle Management Server 11g Rant

  1. Charles Schultz says:

    Agreed – buggy, inaccurate documentation, complexities everywhere…..

    I still remember very fondly a certain higher-up at Oracle Collaborate 3 years back speaking to the designers of OEM; “why is it so ugly? Why is it so hard to navigate?”

    OEM does a few things well, but a whole heck of lot of things poorly.

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