Masquerading OEM Agent Error- DBConsole Java.Lang.Exception Missing Properties Sqlinparam

Missing Properties : [SQLINPARAM1,SQLINPARAM4]

This is an example of one error masquerading as another, it happens so much in Oracle.

Sort of like tromping down one path for a very long time….realizing you are completely lost. 

So you just sit down and think about things for a while and slowly some intelligence creeps back in and you start on another path.

Maybe just maybe you are heading in the right direction, the problem is that you won’t know that until you get there.

Error about Missing Properties : [SQLINPARAM1,SQLINPARAM4] showing up in the GC Management Agent emagent.trc file.

Trying to get Grid Control Console to correctly display a newly upgraded database. All I am seeing are errors. I can logon to the database via the console and do loads of stuff but the home page doesn’t display.

Several questions come to mind- 1. Is it related to the upgrade?  2. Is it because I have an oracle listener in a different home (standard operating procedure for me) 3. Some sort of OEM agent bug?

The following is the some of the errors showing up in the emagent.trc file: they are all pointing to what is known as the dynamic properties displayed on that home page.

2010-03-20 19:31:31,602 Thread-4040100752 ERROR engine: [oracle_database,ORACLE_SID,wait_bottlenecks] : nmeegd_GetMetricData failed : Missing Properties : [SQLINPARAM1,SQLINPARAM4]

2010-03-20 19:31:31,602 Thread-4040100752 WARN collector: <nmecmc.c> Error exit. Error message: Missing Properties : [SQLINPARAM1,SQLINPARAM4]

At least I can see the connection between the error messages and the GUI display not showing up properly. Now why?

Give the agent a good kick….I researched on MOS and found this document – Multiple “Missing Properties” Errors Appear Within emagent.trc [ID 422847.1]

I am now headed down the wrong path but I don’t knowwwwww…. it.

Instructions say to do the following to update the dynamic properties, you are supposed to use a real ORACLE_SID in place of the variable.

> emctl reload agent dynamicproperties ORACLE_SID:oracle_database

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 Grid Control

Copyright (c) 1996, 2009 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.


EMD recompute dynprops completed successfully

No change….still not showing up…so now I start doing lots of kicking at the agent.

 Upload, reload, stop,start, double check file, clean out the temp files often used for troubleshooting the agent, remove the database, add it back in using auto discovery.

NOW I AM TRULY LOST!  HELP! (I have now spelled that out in big letters along side the road.)

After drying my tears (no one showed up to help alongside this very desolate road).  Why is the road so desolate and abandoned? I am the only DBA in my organization so if there is a problem, I have to  figure things  out by myself.

Ok…now I look on MOS website again. Different article a little farther down on the search results catches my eye.

DBConsole Java.Lang.Exception: Missing Properties : [Sqlinparam3] [ID 427335.1]

Aha…the answer! I have to reconfigure (which installs database packages) the database for the upgraded one to show up properly.  This is required for SQL activity monitoring.

I skip along the desolate road by myself a little happier.


About April C Sims

Oracle DBA for over a decade...enough said.
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