My Backup DBA

Are you the only Oracle DBA at your company?  How do you provide Disaster Recovery and Redundancy for personnel in that situation?

Metalink (now My Oracle Support) has a tool that provides an “Automatic Document Repository” called Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM).  I mean automatic in the sense that if you are out of the office, temporarily or permanently,  there are documented configurations of the systems for your CSI number.   The repository is My Oracle Support, Oracle’s support site.  The configurations are any that you enabled the OCM client for.  They are of your choosing whether you only include production and/or nonproduction systems.

What information is there? Hardware details, software installs (not just Oracle products), databases, Oracle application servers, Oracle Business Suite details.  Enough information to recreate your site if there is a complete disaster.   The GUI interface allows managers and other IT personnel to see how the nodes, applications are related and fit into your architectural framework.  The information can only updated by the upload process keeping the information unadulterated.

Each node with an installed agent can be automated to upload any changes on a daily basis or interval of your choosing.  If the node doesn’t have direct access to the Internet, a standalone intermediary box can house the repeater which then would upload to My Oracle Support website.   OCM  is now an optional part of  any of the Oracle GUI install.  OCM Collector is found by logging into My Oracle Support and selecting the collector tab.

Mass Deployment Utility

 Installing the agent has been vastly improved with a mass deployment utility.  On My Oracle Support collector tab find “Configuration Manager Repeater & Mass Deployment Tools” and the OCM Companion Distribution Guide.    The template file is csv format which you may find dificult to edit using vi or vim…since there wasn’t an initial entry.  Once I had the first entry done (required columns vs. optional) editing with a command line tool became easier.  Security using this utility is built in and configurable.  You can enter a password at the prompt, or allow the password utility to encrypt the open text in the template file. 

Running the utility was fast from a single node that had SSH access to all entries in the template.  It autodetects if OCM was already installed and bypasses those entries. 

The only single thing you may have trouble with is the required JAVA version is higher than what a 10.2.0.x database would ordinarily have installed.  Other prerequisities include SSH on Linux or CYGWIN for Windows.

The only real downside is that all configuration information is available to everyone with the same CSI number.  In a small shop that isn’t a problem as long as Metalink access is maintained properly when personnel changes.  Providing granular group access to My Oracle Support Configurations would be a welcome enhancement.


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Oracle DBA for over a decade...enough said.
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    Nice article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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