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Migrating to 11g

Migrating to a new version of Oracle can be safely done in several steps, it doesn’t have to be an all or none transition. Note: The following steps assume a UNIX environment. Interim Steps: 1.  Install the 11g binaries in … Continue reading

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ORA-16191- Applicable to Streams, DATA GUARD Errors in 11g

This feature is apparently still true in version….just verified it. Couldn’t add the database using OEM just produced errors that don’t show up when searching MOS. I then used Data Guard Manager command-line utility as it tends to produce … Continue reading

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SQLPLUS commands to turn off DATA GUARD temporarily in order to activate the physical standby for testing purposes.  Notice commands are indicated by PRMY or STBY designation for which database they need to executed on.  11g reduces these steps making … Continue reading

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There aren’t many reasons a DBA would want to use FLASHBACK DATABASE on production… rolls back everything for the entire database.  But….if you have a physical standby that can easily be used for many different tasks.  Physical Corruption Logical Corruption … Continue reading

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Commodity Hardware and Multiple Disaster Recovery Sites

Our organization utilizes inexpensive commodity hardware where the trade-off for less durability is compensated by running more standbys. This reduced our costs overall while ensuring a more robust testing and disaster recovery environment. Along with the fact that certain DATA … Continue reading

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IOUG Collaborate 2008 – Denver Colorado

Two presentations this year, look for COLLABORATE 09 in Orlando. DATA GUARD and FLASHBACK – Stress Testing, HotFixes and Data Recovery  “Abstract: The combination of FLASHBACK and DATA GUARD makes recovery scenarios and hot fix patching on a physical standby … Continue reading

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RMAN issues when backing up Physical Standbys

In releases prior to 11g each database has an associated DBID when using the RMAN utility.  It just so happens that all physical standby databases have the SAME DBID as the primary so the RMAN catalog gets confused when doing any … Continue reading

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